Europe and the Kingdom of Cambodia are entering into a new era of friendship and cooperation, was the conclusion of the meeting between President Dr. Anton Caragea and Minister of Tourism, Thong Khon.

Dialogue at Minister of Tourism President Anton Caragea and Minister Khon ThongThe dialogue has open a broad vista of cooperation in the fields of tourism, culture and economy in fruition of the plans decided by Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo- Dr. HUN SEN during the meeting with ECTT President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


 During the official round table between Europe and Cambodia tourism head, Dr. Thong Khon, Tourism Minister of Cambodia was specially praised by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea for his vision and astute policies and devotion to the country development, under the glowing leadership of Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo- Dr. HUN SEN.

President Anton Caragea remarked that we are in the presence of a historical leader, of a person who rebuild it Cambodia from zero to hero status, and was always a symbol of the country resistance.

Common Government MeetingEuropean Tourism leader, President Anton Caragea marked the main terms of cooperation with the Kingdom of Cambodia and outlined the main points of a three years plans (2017-2020) in fostering the tourism and cultural international presence of Cambodia in the world.

Minister Thong Khon voiced his special thanks to the European Council on Tourism and Trade and President Dr. Anton Caragea, as the President for awarding Cambodia the Awards of World Best Tourist Destination for 2016 and Favorite Cultural Destination for 2016 and to the European Tourism Academy for unanimously electing Samdech Techo Prime Minister as an Honorary Member of the European Tourism Academy.

The target of the three-year plan of cooperation with ECTT is to bring to life the forecasts for 2020, international tourist arrivals that is expected to rise to about 7 million people and to bring the total revenue of approximately US $ 5,000 million, creating job opportunities for nearly 1 million people.


Dr. THONG KHON-Cambodia Minister of Tourism

Minister Thong Khon outlining his sector achievements  at WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2016 function.


Minister Thong Khon outlined also for President Anton Caragea his office plans for a Best Hospitality Contest Movement and transforming the contest to the National Agenda by inspiring the citizens, officials, private sector, youth and development partners to join together in order to improve the service and hospitality better for contributing to the promotion of all tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Cambodia as the tourist destination with attractiveness, warmth, and providing memorable experiences for tourists with natural smile and greetings of Cambodian people.



President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Minister Thong Khon had a photo taken with the participants at bilateral tourism meeting: Europe-Kingdom of Cambodia.


President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea outlined his support in fostering cooperation in the fields of tourism training, hospitality staff development, creating a Tourism Institute of Cambodia and supporting law reform and updating in the fields of tourism investment promotion and tourism education and natural conservation.

Concluding the official tourism delegations meeting, Europe`s President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had a photo taken with the participants and give an interview with Cambodian National Television.