On the occasion of World Tourism Conclave,  held between 11 and 13 June 2016, the members of European Tourism Academy had elected in vigorous appreciation H.E. Samdech HUN SEN as honorary member of European Tourism Academy for his contribution to World Tourism Development and for upholding the values of cultural tourism on universal level during 2015-World Conference on Culture and Tourism.

Samdech Hun Sen-ONU Secretary General Ban Ki moon 2

United Nations Secretary General-Ban Ki Moon and H.E. Samdech HUN SEN. United Nations hosted the successful 2015-WORLD TOURISM CONFERENCE in Siem Reap-Cambodia  


The official letter, announcing the felicitous addition to the list of  celebrated world personalities of the name of Cambodian Prime Minister-Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo-HUN SEN was made public  by the Office of the President of European Council on Tourism and Trade .

The official decision, publicized by European Council on Tourism and Trade encourages Cambodia to continue the protection of his tremendous cultural heritage and to use it as an education hub for all mankind:

Obama and Samdech Hun Sen promoting Khmer style shirt

H.E. Samdech HUN SEN of Cambodia, a staunch promoter of elegant Khmer Style Shirts receives a bow from U.S. President-Barack Obama

In the new millennium Cultural and Historical Tourism becomes the beacon on which the life of billions of peoples is improved and enriched.

Cultural tourism is today a part of nation building and an intricate part of the nation’s international image.
In today`s world, a nation cannot project his external dimension, and cannot imagine his diplomatic activity in the absence of promoting his historic patrimony and boost his cultural prowess(….) 

Under Your Excellency leadership, the Government of Kingdom of Cambodia has for a long time recognized and abated the importance of culture and tourism as key facilitators for the country development and international promotion.(..) 



Professor Dr. Anton Caragea- European Council on Tourism and Trade (center photo) and Academician Mircea Constantinescu (extreme right in the photo) are announcing the decision of selecting H.E. Prime Minister of Cambodia- Samdech HUN SEN as a WORLD LEADER OF TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT


Your Excellency has being true to his word and commitment and by protecting and promoting the incredible legacy left to us by the Khmer Kings of Angkor had helped the incredible resurgence of the Khmer people in XXI century.

Cambodia was lifted from the brink of extinction to another horizon of hope and future development and Khmer people is building today the new temples of Phnom Penh: a steel and glass city that will echo the buildings of the past.

The letter inked and sealed by H.E. European Council on Tourism and Trade President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and European Tourism Academy Director-Dr. Mircea Constantinescu for H.E. Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia concludes:

This is a statement of confidence in the bright future of Khmer nation and practical measures put in place, made your country succeeding in the 2016- WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD competition and be accepted as FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION for your nations incredible weight of culture, history prowess and contribution to humanity legacy.

This is a new momentous achievement for CAMBODIA, a moment that is due to your exertions.