2016 World Tourism Day must be an occasion for us to ponder about the transformations of the sector that registered a growth from 25 million international tourists in 1956 to today staggering 1.2 billion people travelling the world.

Why is traveling so significant in today’s world?


This is happening because traveling is a occasion for  new experiences, new sentiments and most of all new ideas.

Tourism has become a key economic factor and part of world development, a significant job creator and a forging opportunities for local communities.

Tourism is today a major source of income for local communities.

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, let us recall the success stories of tourism as a tool for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, as a medium for global growth for all of the world’s citizens.

ECTT President Dr. Anton Caragea on the platform of Cambodia-Favorite Cultural Destination with Royal Opera from Phnom Penh

Kingdom of Cambodia is a role model in tourism development and tourism revenues sharing to be used for World Tourism Day 2016 activities.

Let us evaluate and emulate the success stories of Africa: where Zimbabwe and Ethiopia had succeeded in making tourism a major earner for their economy, offering jobs, hopes and future to more than 25 millions people s involved in these countries travel sector.

More recent: The Kingdom of Cambodia became an example for Asian tourism development investing tourism revenues in infrastructure, hospitality facilities and offering growth and employment opportunities for millions of people’s of Cambodia.

This is the transformative power of tourism and this is the reasons that the world community decided to make Cambodia and Ethiopia as model countries for tourism development in 2016.

This year of 2016, the Kingdom of Cambodia known as “World Best Tourist Destination” has been honoured by the European Council on Tourism and Trade-ECTT in fulfilling the responsibility of the universal model nation for World Tourism Day 2016.

We congratulate them!

I wish you all of you who love traveling, a very happy World Tourism Day and I hope you will take the time to analyse and think about the model country of 2016 World Tourism Day: The Kingdom of Cambodia and how Cambodia has become a universal model in offering enriching and compelling travel experiences to be enjoyed by all.