Good news for Europe, as the European Tourism Academy is recognized as a valuable member of world academic community and the European Academy is becoming the world excellence educational center in diplomacy, tourism and culture.


European Tourism Academy has become, from November 2015, a member of UN Academic Impact a global network of universities that support UN values and goals.

UN Academic Impact logoEuropean Tourism Academy received this honor in recognition of the decade long exertions on promoting the eleven principles of development:  the basic principles  carved out by the United Nations Charter, human rights like freedom of inquiry, opinion, and speech, offering educational opportunity for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnicity; the freedom to pursuit the higher education; commitment to building capacity in the higher education systems across the world; encouraging global citizenship through education, advancing peace and conflict resolution through education, addressing issues of poverty through education, promoting sustainability through education, promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the “unlearning” of intolerance, through education.

The ‘EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY” is the world center of higher education and research that wants to be at the forefront of cultural transformations and with the ambition to give answers to the challenges and visions of our time.


The Academy explores such diverse topics as: cultural and tourism planning in the digital era , new processes of diplomacy , urban cultural strategies , complex systems and data management , the future of the city in terms of sustainability energy and capital, new strategies for the world economy .

European Tourism AcademyThe ‘EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY” is acting under the control of President Office of European Council on Tourism and Trade.                                                                                                                                                                                       The Academy , with a diverse and highly specialized training , tries to give an answer to the real problems on a large scale , through the themes incorporate the specific local instances .

The ‘EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY” has among his objectives:

Ambitions to integrate the European cultures and the local roots
Aims not to lose sight of the human within the nations that border the European continent

Directs his exertions toward a broaden the concept of sustainable eco-tourism

Carving European vocation to foster innovation , research , knowledge and interactions.


The EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY of ECTT (European Council on Tourism and Trade) wants to become a promoter of initiatives to implement the academic and scientific collaboration among universities , institutes and research centers and establish collaborative efforts with the local authority and national level as a center of research and consultancy .