European Council on Tourism and Trade Infographic

 On the framework of Paris Climate Change Conference, The European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) welcomes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reiterates its commitment to work towards the implementation of the Goals.


The new the Sustainable Development Goals come in continuation of the formerly known of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the effort to steer the world in the directions of economic development, environmental protection, and human values respect.

Sustainable Development Goals

The European Council on Tourism and Trade has cooperated in the completion of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and is in acquiescence with the newly established Sustainable Development Goals, announces ECTT-President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

European Council on Tourism and Trade has contributed with significant global reach, and can make an important contribution to the achievement of the SDGs, particularly in the areas of job creation, sustainable consumption and production and the preservation of natural resources.

“Issues such as combating European economic crisis and its crippling effects address climate change, and especially poverty reduction and inclusive growth need to be at the center of European development.

Now that the Goals have been approved, it is time to step up our action, time to advance policies and business strategies that minimize the negative effects of European economic crisis” said European President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


The SDGs are carved as a universal 17-goal agenda and action plan for people, the planet and prosperity for all countries and require all stakeholders to act in collaborative partnerships.

The SDGs were approved by the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2015.