The ECTT President Office decided to convene on 2 and 3 May 2014 the General Assembly of European Council on Tourism and Trade.

European Council on Tourism and Trade 2013 General Assembly was also hosted in Bucharest Palace of Parliament 

More than 200 representatives of major regional branches of European Council on Tourism and Trade, major tourism and trade firms and tourism specialized journalist`s will convene in Bucharest, in the landmark Palace of Parliament of Romania, the second largest building in the world and the first in Europe, a landmark of European tourism and architectural treasures.

It was considered as befitting that, the most important European tourism gathering to be held in the venues of the greatest building in Europe.

Palace of Parliament will host  2014 European Council on Tourism and Trade general assembly vote for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN 2014. 

On the luxurious surrounding of Palace of Parliament, the body will have to decide upon the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014 with 27 countries on the list, from all the continents, regions and climate`s off the world.

It is the biggest number of competitors in the history of the prize and this fact alone is speaking about the importance of the prize, the relevance of the competition and of the prestige that is encompassed in the European highest tourist award, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, ECTT President.

We have countries representing the historical patrimony and the rich cultures of Asia, to the pristine nature of Africa and the traditions and historical patrimony of the black continent and concluding with the impressive tourism potential of South and Central America, declared Academician Mircea Constantinescu.

Other topics will be: the selection of the best city for tourism-World Capital of Culture and Tourism, analyzing the future of European tourism, electing new countries in the ECTT and electing new members in the European Tourism Academy etc.

In concluding the works of European Council on Tourism and Trade the main delegates will be invited for a discovery trip to Danube Delta.

Danube Delta it is an unique touristic and natural reservation, an area without similarity in European Union and the world, a wild life and natural sanctuary and the visit of all European delegates to the area will be not only a promotion trip, but also a discovery of a natural protected area that every European must at least once in their life to come and visit, stated ECTT President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.