On 14 November, 2013 a friendly and cooperation meeting between President of European Council on Tourism and Trade and Ambassador of Cuba had taken place.

Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea expressed his amicable fillings and friendly interest towards the recent evolutions in Cuban tourism sector. Tourism is consolidating Cuba’s economic development, is supporting the poverty alleviation programs and creates a platform for a higher standard in the world for Cuba.

H.E. Cuban Ambassador Ms. Ileana Hernandez made a presentation of the latest achievements in tourism sector and bilateral relations: opening new tourism resorts, hotels, adopting a brand promotion strategy, adopting a regional development strategy for different sectors of economy and increasing state support for tourism activities all this are building new bridges of understanding between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Cuba.

On this note, Cuban Ambassador present his country candidature for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 emphasizing that Cuba wants to be the first Caribbean country to be presented on the competition as a sign of recent development in his touristic activities.

The parties had appreciated that between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Cuba are large areas of common interests, designed to forge a good understanding between the two organisms. The European Council on Tourism and Trade- Cuban relationship must be an example for a better relation between Europe and Caribbean region.

If in the last decade the bilateral dialogue with this area was faltering, now it is an auspicious moment for reconstructing and rebuilding this framework of dialogue and friendship.

The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, tourism, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism had express his appreciation for Cuban desire to obtain the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD IN 2014 and declared that Cuba is one the most important contenders to the title and have`s a lot of arguments in his favor and this candidature will be reviewed and will be considered in due time with all the attention.

The discussion led the foundations of continuing the dialogue and fostering the relations between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Cuba.